Preachers, School Teachers, and Tree Planters

Many jobs never see their work reach maturity. The fruit of their efforts will not be fully known for thirty or forty years or more.

It is hard to tell if you are making an impact. You don’t start a project like building a house and then see it finished, and a family moves into it one day. Instead, you labor day in and day out with very few visible signs that your work is accomplishing anything. 

Today the encouragement is that whatever good work you do – never give up. Even when you do not see any results for your labor, keep working hard. You are doing far more good than you will ever realize. Forests are being planted, people are being educated, and the gospel is changing lives.

Whoever is trying to change the world and help people live better lives, you need to know that your work is essential. Stay to the task even when you want to give up. 

Immediate results are seldom seen when the work is significant. You have to keep doing the right thing and let someone else enjoy the fruit of your labor. Just know today; you are making a difference. 

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