Still Working On My Faith

As a preacher, I want to speak for one minute on behalf of all preachers. We are still working on our faith too. 

That means we have not perfected our theology completely. We still have questions and issues, perhaps more than you can imagine. 

That is why I continue to read through the Bible again every year. I know the stories, but I am still figuring out how it all fits together. 

That is why I am always reading something. Books fill my shelves, magazines come to my mailbox, emails fill my inbox, and hundreds of blogs come to my reader. I put something into my mind every single day. 

That is why I listen to sermons, lessons, and lectures. In addition, I have audiobooks, podcasts, and teachings that fill my phone, so I am always able to access more and new information. 

I am not the same preacher I was just five years ago. Hopefully, I am better than I was just a few months ago. My continual education is changing me. I long to become more like Christ. 

Faith is essential to following Jesus, but growth is optional. I hope that your preacher, as I strive to be, is out in front leading the way as a disciple of Jesus. 

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