Being Fully Present

Today is April first and is also called “April Fool’s Day.” As a child, my older brother would use this day to tell me wild stories and play jokes on me because I was young and gullible. I remember him telling me a crazy story about a train wreck in my town that happened overnight. I was captivated by his tale right up to him saying, “April Fools.”   

Well, a not so funny story that many of us believe is that you can multitask effectively. Study after study has shown that this simply is not true. Unfortunately, it is a lie that many of us believe and live, so today, I want to shout “April Fools.”

I know you think you can have a conversation and do stuff on your phone simultaneously. It is not true. I know you want to believe you can watch TV and build your relationships at the same time. But, again, it is simply not true. I know you have a desire to complete two projects simultaneously when, in reality, you only give both a half effort. 

One of the greatest gifts you can give to the world is being fully present in each situation. When you work, then work. When you are with your children, then focus on them. When you are sharing a meal with friends, put the phone down. When you come to worship, put away all distractions and focus on Jesus. 

A thousand things are vying for your attention. Choose wisely where you are going to give it. And then give it a hundred percent.  

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