Taking It Out On Jesus

“I don’t like what they did.” 

This person went on to tell me how they felt devalued and hurt by the actions of another person. 

Then they told me how they were done with this ministry because of the other person’s behavior. They were no longer going to give their time to our Church fellowship because they did not feel appreciated adequately by this person. 

This is not the first time I have encountered this. Through the years, I have had people quit giving their offerings, donating their time and talent, and attending because they were offended somehow. 

I am not minimizing lousy behavior from anyone, but if the Church is the body of Christ as the Bible says it is, then they are not hurting the other person; they are taking it out on Jesus. Therefore, whenever we get upset at someone in our Church community, and we respond by withholding our kindness in any form, it is the kingdom of God that suffers and not that person. 

Somehow, we think it will hurt those who did not appreciate us when we stop supporting their ministry. We genuinely believe it will cause them to feel our judgment and lead them to change.

Honestly, this never happens. Change only occurs when the two people sit down and talk through their issues while asking for and offering forgiveness. 

When you stop doing things in the Church, it makes me sad but be clear; it is not me you are hurting – it’s Jesus. 

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