Rebuild, Remodel or Redecorate

Whenever we examine an existing building, we have three possibilities for improvement. 

The first is to rebuild. This means the current structure is unusable. Therefore, it must be torn down and start new from the foundation.

Another option is to remodel. The main structure is good, but the interior needs work. Walls need to come down, systems need an upgrade, and some major work is going to happen. 

The final possibility is to redecorate. This means that the structure is sound, but it needs cosmetic updating. New paint, carpet, and light fixtures will help to improve the appearance drastically. 

These three are all options for buildings, but they are equally valid in other areas of our life. What exactly needs to happen to improve your relationships, work environment, or spiritual life?

Before you know the correct changes, you need to assess the situation thoroughly. 

You might need to rebuild your career entirely. On the other hand, perhaps you need to make minor, redecorating modifications to your marriage. 

Sometimes we do not need to overhaul specific areas of our life. However, other times we do need to make drastic changes. Some places require a little updating, and that is not enough in other areas. 

Many people who want to improve their lives immediately grab their sledgehammer, when maybe a paintbrush will do the trick. 

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