YOU are a Kingdom Builder

There is a story I heard years ago. It might be a preacher’s story, which means it was made up or exaggerated to prove a point in a sermon. But it might be true. It is at least rooted in history.

In 1666, Sir Christopher Wren submitted a plan to reconstruct St. Paul’s Cathedral. Unfortunately, just six days after he submitted the plan, the great fire of London destroyed the central part of the city and destroyed the cathedral. Over the next 46 years, Wren was to design and supervise the building of 51 churches in London. St. Paul’s Cathedral was his masterpiece.

The story I heard from a preacher goes like this: One morning, Wren, who was not personally known by many of the workers, stopped and asked three different laborers, all engaged in the same task of stonework, what they were doing. He got three different answers.

The first said, “I am cutting this stone.”

The second answered, “I am earning three shillings, sixpence a day.”

The third man straightened up, squared his shoulders, and still holding his mallet and chisel, replied, “I am helping Sir Christopher Wren build this great cathedral.”

They each had three different ways of looking at the same job. Perspective matters. 

Each week people come and serve the Lord in the Church I lead. Some mow grass while others clean the building. Some work in the nursery while others lead worship. Still, others teach small groups while some stand to greet people at the door. 

Every person who serves can see their efforts as volunteer labor. Perhaps they see it as a good deed that shines their light for Jesus. But I would suggest to you that each person is helping to build the kingdom of God on earth. 

Whatever you do to contribute to your local Church is not an insignificant effort touching only a few people. It is the kingdom of God being formed through you. You are making an impact for God in your Church and community. From there, who knows what good it will do. 

You are not just “serving in a ministry.” YOU are a kingdom builder.

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