An Easter Appeal  

This Sunday, we officially celebrate the resurrection of Jesus as a Church. This is a great time to attend a worship service to honor the risen Lord. It is an equally good opportunity to invite your family and friends to join you and hear about the most significant event in history.  

Let me also state that this is a good day for believers to demonstrate their belief in this event through their actions. This Sunday is an excellent time to be selfless and kind to other people who need to know Jesus. 

Would you be willing to park far away from the building so that guests might be able to park close? Would you be willing to sit near the front of the auditorium so that visitors can have the back seats, especially if they show up late? Would you be ready to talk to people you do not know and do not recognize instead of your old friends so that others might feel welcome? Would you be willing to sing, pray and keep distractions to a minimum so that other people can encounter the message of Jesus enthusiastically? 

This week, one of my most challenging tasks is to get believers to do the little things that make a massive difference in the faith of others. We come together to worship a God who sent his son to die on a cross for our sins and was then resurrected so that we might have life in his name. God has done everything to secure our salvation. Are we willing to do a few small things to that other people might hear the message?

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