How Long Will It Last?

Yesterday was Easter. It is a big day in the Christian community. The worship was phenomenal, the crowds were large, and the people were happy. The feeling in the air was almost electric on a significant religious day like that. I get a similar sentiment at Christmas when everyone comes to Church and is in the best mood. It leaves me feeling so close to God and his people.     

I have also experienced this same kind of feeling when I have attended various conferences and retreats throughout my career. Spending a day or two reading the Bible, praying, fellowship with other believers, and listening to dynamic speakers will put you on a spiritual high.

On the flip side, I have also seen people get close to God through tragedy. This could be the loss of someone they love that causes a person to do some soul searching. It also occurs when people walk through their own issues like a heart attack or cancer. These moments in life force us to place our total dependence on God and leave us with a feeling that our lives will never be the same. 

The question I am pondering today is, “How long will it last?”

Recently I saw someone at the local grocery who told me they were “turning their life around” after a series of events. They got excited about Church and faith, and it lasted all of six weeks. Then gradually, things went back to the way they were before.

One challenge in faith is endurance. We must have the ability to stand firm in our faith after the big days have passed, and our feelings have changed. It is rarely some big sin that knocks someone off the course of faith. Usually, it is the daily grind of keeping the faith when nothing exciting happens. 

I love Easter and the experiences I had yesterday. I hope all the people who attended anywhere had a wonderful day that was a blessing to their faith. I also pray that everyone will protect the spark that was lit and keep it burning for a long time. 

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