Good or Godly?

Are we trying to mold the next generation into good or godly young people?

Good people work hard, stay out of trouble, and are frequently helpful, friendly, and kind to those around them.  Everyone likes them because they are easy to deal with in various situations. 

Godly people are those who build their lives on the word of God.  Their biggest priority is trying to please God in what they do.  They do not always have it all together, but they rely on grace and God’s forgiveness. 

Numerous adults are trying to raise a generation of good people.  Unfortunately, many spend their lives without God because they think people simply want them to be good.  Or worse, many make a decision that is not good and feel like they are no longer worthy of love.  They crash hard and often spend a lifetime trying to overcome their apparent lack of goodness. 

Believe me, I want my children to be good, but I would rather have them rely on Jesus than on themselves.  A young person connected to God will not always be good, but they will have the grace they need.  

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