We Are Evolving

Not scientifically, but personally. Each one of us is ever-changing. 

Our bodies are changing with age. Our personalities change with every new experience. The things we like and dislike are new with every season. As a result, we are not the same people we were just a few short years ago. 

Most of us would agree with that wholeheartedly. We say with an element of pride, “Yes, I am growing and maturing with age.”

Have you ever thought that is true of the people you have relationships with? Your parents, spouse, and children are also evolving. They are not the same people you knew just a few years ago. 

One challenge in all relationships is to keep up with the adjustments we make as we get older. This is possibly the easiest to do with children as we see them mature. But it is most difficult to notice with our spouse. We want them to stay the same person we met and married. And that is not possible. 

It will significantly benefit our marriages to ask, “How has my spouse changed?” It is even better to sit down and ask them, “How have you changed lately? What new things are exciting you, and what is now boring you? What new things have you learned, and where did you learn them? How have your views changed with each new season?”

You might be surprised by the answers. Sometimes the person you spend the most time with is also the person you know the least. 

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