Songs of Regret

My apple music finished the song I had requested and then launched into a list of current music with a similar vibe. It was one song after another of pain, regret, and sadness. Each piece contained lyrics about poor choices and the emotional toll they took on the singer. After several songs had played, I felt myself beginning to wallow in my own poor life choices. 

Knowing where my mind was heading, I went to my favorite Christian playlist. There are several popular Christian songs along with numerous praise and worship songs on the list. For the first time, I noticed similar first verses. Even these songs told the story of making wrong decisions that hurt the singer.

But the chorus was different. Instead of a sense of hopelessness, the lyrics painted a picture of forgiveness and new possibilities. There were words of joy, hope, and love amid mistakes. The tunes were not of suffering but pain redeemed by God. 

Everyone has regrets. We all make bad decisions. Each one violates God’s will for our lives. We all know it and feel it.

The difference between a life of faith and a lack of it is that believers can find light in the darkness. People may sing the same old songs of regret, but with Jesus, the music is not finished until the blues are gone for good. 

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