It is defined as “making a show of being morally superior to other people; self-righteous.”

Some people are genuine religious people. They are devout and try to do everything God desires. 

Then there is a line that a few within that group cross. They begin to develop an attitude that they are better than others because they try to be devout followers of God. 

It is hard to say where this line is found. Perhaps it is crossed after numerous years of faith. Maybe we step over it when we receive the praise of our peers. It might be blurred by our increased knowledge in matters of the Bible. 

It is easy to go from being sanctified in Jesus to sanctimonious in our own righteousness if we are not careful.

Pharisees always had good intentions. They wanted people to follow God like they did because they did it correctly. 

The moment you feel morally superior to someone else is when you need to stop and repent.

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