Acceptable Sins

I heard a preacher say, “We are very proud of the sins we do not break and ignore the ones we do.” 

Through the years, I have found his words to be true. We have a list of sins we abhor and another list of things that are acceptable under certain circumstances. 

I once watched an interview with an ex-porn star who was now a Christian. She talked about how honest she was and never told a lie. Um, yeah, but …  Then there was a used car salesman who spoke proudly about no moral compromise sexually over this lifetime. Um, yeah, but …

ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. That means everyone. 

Perhaps you don’t know why someone would fall to THAT sin because it has never been a temptation to you. On the other hand, maybe you know exactly why someone struggles with THAT sin because you do too. 

My struggle with sin is not the same as yours. That does not make you or me a better person. It simply means we are different. 

ALL of us need grace for the sins we hate and the ones we accept. 

Thank you Jesus. 

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