One Day You Will Understand

I hated this phrase when I was a child. One day you will understand why boys fall in love. 

I hated that phrase as a teenager. One day you will understand what it is like to work every day. 

I hated it when I was in college. One day you will understand why things don’t work that way.

I hated it before marriage. One day you will understand how challenging marriage can be for you.

I hated it before children. One day you will know how much of a struggle they can become. 

I hated it in every single phase of my life. It sounds condescending. Like there are some things that you only learn with age. I knew I was smart and could read, listen, and learn anything to which I set my mind. 

Now that I have grown up, been married a while, raised children, and been a Church leader for my entire adult life, I must admit they were right. You can only learn some things in life through experience, which only comes with age. 

If life seems complicated and confusing right now – Keep living for God and doing your best. One day many more things will make sense. God is teaching you the lessons you need to know one season at a time. What is hard to comprehend right now, one day, you will understand.      

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