It Doesn’t Work That Way

Sometimes I like to give some practical teaching that is nothing overly spiritual. Today’s topic is also one of the biggest things I have to explain every summer – especially at Church.   

In a home or church building, an air conditioner only blows out the cold air at one temperature. 

Let me explain further. If there are several people in a room and the temperature goes up from 72 degrees to 74, and you want it to be a comfortable 71 degrees in the room – turning the thermostat number to 62 degrees does NOT make it any colder any faster. The air conditioner did not suddenly start blowing out air that was 62 degrees. 

When you adjust the temperature in your car, it has the ability to add a little heat to make the air come out at your desired temperature, so turning it down will get it to the coldest setting. Your house simply blows air in at the coldest setting all the time. It is not like your car! When it is set at 71 degrees and gets to 73, it blows out the coldest air until it reaches 70 and shuts off. If you want a room to be at a specific temperature, set it at the desired number and walk away.    

If you want to make your Pastor or maintenance man or spouse happy. Please do not turn the thermostat way down – EVER! Because when the event is over, you will forget, and the system will run for hours and hours after you are gone to get the room down to 60 degrees before it shuts off. Then electricity is wasted, bills go up, and the room will be too cold for the next group to use. 

If you do not understand anything I have just written, please never touch a thermostat, especially at Church.  

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