Time to Move On

I have a box full of supplies I purchased on clearance. I thought they would be perfect for the job, but I discovered after several attempts they were inadequate for my purpose. So now the box sits on the shelf staring at me every time I go into my storage area. Each time I see it, I think, just maybe, there is something I can do with that stuff. 

Recently I stood there and thought, it is time to admit I made a mistake and move on with my life. I need to take that stuff and put it on Facebook marketplace or possibly give it to someone else who might be able to use it. 

It was then that I realized how difficult it can be to simply admit you made a mistake and move on, even with a box of junk. That would mean admitting I wasted money and time. It would also mean I wasn’t as bright as I wanted people to think. It means admitting defeat. 

If that is how people think over a box of cheap materials, imagine how hard it is to admit we were wrong in some critical arena of life? 

Often, one of the most freeing activities in which we can participate is admitting we were wrong, throwing away the junk of our lives, and moving forward into something better. However, every time I see that box, I realize it is much easier said than done.      

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