Needing Time Alone

One major characteristic of introverts is that they are re-energized by time alone. People deplete them emotionally, and spending time in isolation brings them back to equilibrium. 

I know this is 100 percent true of me. 

With that said, when an introvert wants to move away from people, it has nothing to do with how they think or feel about other people.    

If I say, “this is not a good time for me,” or “I just have nothing left,” it usually means I am emotionally drained and will not be the best version of myself around you and others. What I mean is, “I care about you, but I need time to recharge my battery before we interact.”

The need for time alone is not a personal attack on others. 

When I tell people this, people who are introverts like me nod in agreement. Non-introverts do not believe me and feel like I am emotionally unavailable. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am being honest when I say, “It’s not you; it’s me.” 

Time alone enables introverts to handle social interactions; please don’t take it personally. 

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