Recovery is a process. Healing takes time. 

Whenever someone is hurting from anything, even their own sin or the sin of others, it is a painful experience. 

Once the initial pain goes away, then comes a period of much-needed aftercare. They will need follow-up visits, more prayer, open conversations, counseling, and the opportunity to heal emotionally. 

One failure I often see in the Christian community is that we are there for people when they hurt, and then we disappear. If the Church is like a hospital for sinners, then we need to understand there are levels of care. First, people will need an emergency room, then an intensive care unit, followed by a general population, and finally, some continued therapy. 

No one person can provide all these things, but people need all these things. The Church must work to bring people into a saving relationship with Jesus. Then we need to work together to provide the aftercare until they are able to return to independent living.

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