Eliminating Other Possibilities

Recently I heard a woman describing her career path. She decided what she wanted to be in high school, chose a college to help her achieve her career goals, and then set out in full pursuit. She took internships that moved her in the right direction, part-time jobs to help her resume, and educated herself thoroughly in her field. Once she graduated college, she took her first job and started the career she had so long dreamed of for herself. 

Now she was a few years into her work, and she was unhappy. She was considering a job change when she said, “All the way along, I did not realize that I was eliminating other job possibilities with each step. Everything I did was to get me here and nowhere else.”

While they were words of disappointment for her, they also are encouraging words for many. The ruthless pursuit of their goals brought them to the current position of their lives. They are the doctor, accountant, lawyer, teacher, or whatever they dreamed they would be one day. This happened primarily because each step of their journey eliminated other possibilities. 

A life of faith is very similar. When we follow Jesus, each step should bring us closer to him and eliminate all other possibilities. The books you read, where you spend your time, the places you give your money, and the relationships you build should all be pointing you in one direction. 

Each life is the result of all the choices made along the journey. Are yours leading you closer to Jesus? 

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