Singing to the Lord

Singing is an expression of emotion. 

When you are in love, suddenly love songs not only make sense, but you also find yourself singing right along with the lyrics. Suppose you are feeling angry; that is when the thrash of a heavy metal guitar and hostile words seem to fit. If you are feeling loss and grief, there is a song for that. There is also a song for joy and happiness. All music touches on emotions with lines and phrases explaining what we feel.

How do you sing when it comes to worship?

The best singing when the Church worships together is always from people who have been serving the Lord throughout the week. The joy, heartache, love, pain, and strength we find in living for Jesus bubbles to the surface, and the music gives expression to our faith. 

Worship never sounds right when sung by people trying to force feelings toward God that have not existed before the leader begins to play and the words appear on the screen. Praise and worship are the words of people who are living for Jesus. 

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