Just Add a Little Jesus

I believe that most humans are good people. They want the best for themselves and others without hurting anyone. And here, in a small midwestern town, this is evident everywhere.

People work hard, try to have a loving marriage, raise their kids to be nice, and are kind to their neighbors. Most of the people in my town are good people or “the salt of the earth,” as some will say. 

The next natural step is to attend Church occasionally and add a little Jesus to your life. That makes your in-laws, wife, kids, and preacher happy. And when you die, you can go to heaven.

Unfortunately, reading through the gospels about the life and teachings of Jesus makes it hard to maintain this concept. Jesus never wants to be a part of our lives. Instead, he wants us to follow him completely. We are to take up their cross daily and do things that will go against our natural inclinations.

Being a Christian is never about adding a little Jesus to an already good life. 

So let me ask you this simple question as a test. How would your life be different if you did not follow Jesus? How would things change if you were not a Christian? Would there be any difference beyond not being in Church occasionally? If not, maybe you have just added a little Jesus to make a few people happier with you. 

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