The Power of Encouragement

Recently my wife and I spent a week on vacation where we regularly went hiking. One thing I noticed on many of the trails we used was the kindness of other people. 

Every trail had far more people than we imagined, and almost all were very kind. The nicest thing many people coming down the path would do is offer verbal encouragement. Frequently they would say, “You are almost there” or “You are well over halfway to the top now.”  Others said, “I struggled going up too, but it is well worth it.”  Finally, some would offer a statement like, “The view is incredible; you will be so glad you went up.” 

Each time someone would offer these little encouragements, it would lift your spirits and give you the strength to climb a little higher. Their words would inspire you to complete the trip and reach the summit. 

The Christian life is a long journey, and some seasons are challenging. Saying a simple encouragement to a fellow believer may not seem like much, but it might be just enough to lift their spirits and help them on their way. 


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