Inside Jokes

A small group of people shares these. They had a common experience that brought them closer, and now they laugh about things together while other people do not understand. 

When I was in high school, the proper response was, “I guess you had to be there,” and then try to move on to a new topic. The whole time they talked, you would wonder, “What did I miss? Why was that funny?” And “I really wish I could be a part of the joke.” 

We accept this as part of growing up that comes with high school and college life. Unfortunately, you don’t get to be included in all the fun stuff. 

But it should not happen at Church. Christians need to work to ensure that others are included whenever they get together. They will open their circle up to welcome new people. Whenever a guest is present, they will do everything within their power to try to make sure others do not feel like outsiders. True fellowship happens in a community of faith when everyone feels included, valued, and loved. 

I love a good joke, but make sure everyone is in on it. 


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