There Ought to Be Rules

The older I get, the more I believe the government should establish rules on who should give advice. 

Experience is a great teacher, and time will show you that the instructions most people try to provide are silly. 

For example, I think no one with children under 30 should teach about parenting. What seems like the end of the world when a child is ten will often have little importance to adult life. But, on the other hand, things that seem insignificant will mold and shape them in ways you never imagined. 

There is a long list of people I think should not speak until they are older. I feel this way because I have taught about everything in my fifty years of life and ministry, and much of the help I was trying to offer is embarrassing now. People should not speak about marriage, parenting, finances, loss, leadership, spiritual maturity, relationships, or other things until they have reached a certain age or milestone. This might keep us from repeating the mistakes of youth. 

Of course, no government will pass laws on topics like these. They would be impossible to enforce, and no one would listen anyway. So I suggest you develop your own rules about whose advice you will take. Not every voice is trustworthy, some for Biblical reasons, and others because time alone will show its flaws. 

I know many of you will disagree with what I am writing today, but unless you are older and wiser than me, I really don’t care. Sorry, that is one of my personal rules. 🙂


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