A Different Perspective on Church

Whenever I go on vacation, I like to visit different Churches and worship with strangers. It helps me to stay connected to the global community of believers, but it also allows me to open my eyes to new things.

After you have attended the same Church for at least four weeks, you become blind to things. Then, you start developing patterns of behavior and slowly feel like an insider to the community.

Sometimes we need to shake things up to remember what it is like to be a visitor somewhere. To be reminded of what it is like to experience something for the first time as an outsider. This will help you to be more sympathetic and thoughtful to the guests who come to your home Church. It will also give you the opportunity to meet new people and connect with them. There is no downside to changing your Sunday morning routine.

Why don’t you try it sometime? You can do it without ever leaving home. Park in a different place in the parking lot. Walk into Church on a new path. Shake hands with people you do not know. Sit in a part of the auditorium where you usually do not sit. Move to the front or sit closer to another family. Smile and sing loudly. After the program, repeat the process. Talk to more new people, shake hands and be friendly to strangers. Then, walk out in a different way.  

Doing Church in a new way will open our eyes to see the world from a different perspective and may help you be a better Christian; plus, it will keep the Church a wonderful place to attend for everyone. 


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