When I was seven years old, I saw the movie “Breaking Away” and wanted to buy a ten-speed bicycle. My parents let me purchase one, and I tried riding it everywhere, replaying each scene and dreaming of being a world-class bike racer.

Not too long after, I saw the third “Rocky” movie. Then I rented the video of the first and second “Rocky,” and suddenly I wanted to be a boxer. I would shadow box in the garage, started exercising, and even considered eating raw eggs but chickened out before I tried it.

Each underdog story I watched or read would inspire me to try something new. It would show me the hard work behind the scenes and the joy of reward for your efforts.

Lately, I have been wondering, if the story of my life was told to other people, what would they be inspired to do? Is there anything in my journey that would motivate people to live differently? Would they see my work and the blessings I received from it?

It is easy to be inspired to do something, but it is far more complicated to be inspiring.  

Live in such a way that you are an inspiration to others. 


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