Reclaiming the Table

In Jesus’ day, the table was the center of social interaction. We refer to their practice as “table fellowship.”  Who you ate with was important. It showed acceptance of another person and meant you were treating them like family. One of the biggest criticisms of Jesus is that he ate with tax collectors and sinners. This is also why the early Church is described as eating together with glad and sincere hearts.

We have made the table all about the food in our culture. On my social media stream, I have seen several people posting pictures of the meal they prepared or the food they purchased at some restaurant. We have shows, channels, magazines, and books that are dedicated to nothing but food. They show how it is prepared and tell you where to get the best tasting whatever.

I think that Christians should reclaim the table for Jesus. Instead of focusing on the food you are making or eating, emphasize who is sharing your table. I would love to see pictures of people eating with new people at Church, recent converts, leaders, and unbelievers as an act of Christian love.

In a few weeks, no one will care about the dish you made or the meal you bought, but the people who walked through your life may be so thankful that you shared your table. I know you will be a different person if you use your table to the glory of God, and perhaps you can change someone’s life in the process.


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