The Expectant Preacher

As he finished his sermon, he walked down from the stage to the front of the auditorium. He then offered what we call in Churches: an invitation. He told people that they could accept Jesus as their savior today or change their lives based on what God was speaking to them, primarily through his sermon. 

The appeal lasted a couple of minutes while the worship team walked to the stage and picked up their instruments. Then, at the preacher’s cue, they began to play and launched into a slower song that we used to call an invitation hymn. It was not a traditional hymn but a modern praise song about commitment to Jesus. 

While the band played the song, the preacher stood at the front, waiting for anyone in the Church to come forward. Finally, after a few moments, he raised his hand, and the band kept playing while he announced that you could come forward if you need prayer or just needed someone to talk to about something in your life. 

Again, the band played and sang while the preacher waited expectantly for anyone to come forward. Alas, no one went to the front of the Church in need of prayer or to make any decisions that day. As a pastor myself, I could see the disappointment in his eyes. He had spent a week praying and preparing a message hoping that the sermon would spur someone further along on their faith journey. He had hoped and asked God to move in the hearts and lives of the people there that day. His morning was filled with the expectation that God was going to do something in the life of someone. 

I know what that preacher was thinking and feeling because I feel the same way every week. We don’t sing an invitation hymn, but I stand at the front after the sermon for anyone who needs to talk. And every single week, I expect that God is doing something. 

Another Sunday is coming, and I am prepared. I have spent the week reading, writing, and praying. I am hoping God will move, and I am expecting to see results. All I need now is some people who have open hearts and minds to His leading. I expect something to happen, and I pray you do too.  


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