Golf Balls and Materialism

Walking through some woods recently, I found a golf ball lying on the ground in nearly new condition. I picked it up and took it home. Eventually, I will give it to my children, who enjoy golfing as they age. 

This is not the first time this has happened. Everywhere I go, I seem to find golf balls and pass them on to my children. One time I asked them if they had ever used these balls, and they assured me that they did. Then they went on to tell me that they lose golf balls all the time while on the course.

So when I picked up this ball not too long ago, I had this simple thought. I don’t think anyone really owns a golf ball. It comes to them, and they use it for a while until it is lost and someone else finds it. They are only temporarily used until they are passed on to another golfer. 

In Christianity, we call that concept stewardship. God gives us money or possessions, and we use them for a little while. The goal is not to hoard up as much as possible because one day, we will die, and everything we possess will be passed on to someone else. The goal is to use all our treasures for a short time and pass them on to bless another person.

No one owns a golf ball, but then again, no one really owns anything. We are all just temporary users. 

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