Something to Someone

We live in a world obsessed with becoming famous. People seek followers, likes, and shares. It is exciting to us when people notice something we created. 

This is nothing new; it existed long before the internet. There are best-seller lists for books, top 40 charts for music, and galleries for art. People give awards and special recognition for various achievements. We have always found ways to create famous people and a format to offer praise. 

If we are brutally honest, each one of us craves the same thing. For most of us, it is on a far smaller scale. We want our co-workers to praise our achievements. We long for friends to admire our skills. We desire our family to say nice things about whatever we do. 

The question is, how many people do you want to like you?

Are you seeking the accolades of millions, thousands, hundreds, or a handful?

I want to suggest that the bigger the audience you aim to make happy, the more unhappy you will become. I believe you are better off making your life matter to just a few or possibly even one or two.

Instead of being popular with a crowd, what if you sought to be something special to someone? Live to make your spouse say incredible things about you. Love to make your children praise you to their friends. Connect so that a couple of friends will do anything for you. Serve God so he will say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Life at its best is lived for just a few. If other people like it too, it’s a bonus for you. If not, who cares? The people close to your life will bring you more joy than a million people at a distance.   


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