I overheard one young person saying to another, “He acts like he likes it, but he is such a poser.”

I openly admit that I am not cool or up-to-date on teenage slang, but I thought I knew what he meant. A quick google check confirmed my definition was correct. A poser is a person who pretends to be something they are not, usually to deceive or impress others.

Everywhere you look, there are posers. People are pretending to be smart, trendy, and cool. People act like they have it all together, their family is perfect, and their marriage is flawless.

There are even people who pretend to be spiritual. They stop by Church occasionally, say a few religious words and throw out God’s name in casual conversation. Some will even post a verse in their home or online without ever knowing the context in which it was written. Others will buy a cross necklace they wear for everyone to see. The list of ways we can fake being a follower of Jesus is too numerous to count.   

Being a genuine believer is a challenging endeavor. Don’t be fooled by a few words and fancy trinkets. Faith is seen in our attitudes and actions. If Jesus isn’t transforming your life, you are a poser.


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