The Work of Evil

Satan rebelled against God, but ultimately God was far more powerful. Once the Devil understood this, he started on a new mission. He wants to destroy the relationship between believers and their heavenly father.

His primary tactic is deception. He uses lies, half-truths, manipulation, and slander. He whispers in our ears, “Did God really say?” He twists the Bible to distort its meaning. He uses anything at his disposal in an attempt to separate us from God.

Today is Halloween, and people will share horror stories, watch movies about dark matters, dress up as evil characters and attempt to scare each other. However, evil is always far more subtle than that. The Devil’s work does not need to include murder or possession; he need only lie to you about God and your relationship with him.

The Devil is not trying to take your life. Instead, he is trying to destroy your relationship with God. The good news is that God is not moving. Nothing can separate us from his love. The only variable is you.

Be sure you are not listening to the wrong voice. That is the only real thing for a believer to fear.


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