It Takes Time

I saw an interview with a champion barbeque maker. He was asked for the key to his delicious smoked meats. He responded simply, “Time and more time.”

If you are going to make high-quality barbeque, you cannot be in a rush. It is not something that is created in the microwave. It requires brines and rubs and waiting. Cooking the meat “slow and low” are the keys to a great taste. It takes time and more time to make it all happen.

The same principle is true for most things. Great things take time. There needs to be a plan, gathering the right ingredients, putting things together, and then allowing the process to work slowly.

This is true in most spiritual matters too. You cannot become a fully devoted follower of Jesus with one decision. It starts with a choice that leads to learning, changing, growing, failing, being forgiven, and transformation.

You may not be happy with your spiritual life right now, but keep doing the right things each day. Even a little prayer, Bible reading, Christian fellowship, and learning will keep you moving in the right direction. The goal is to live for Jesus completely, which takes time and more time.


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