He referred to himself as “the friendship Sherpa.”

If you are unfamiliar with a Sherpa, it is the group of native people to Nepal who are most famous for helping people climb Mount Everest. They will guide, carry gear, and support climbers to the top of the mountain. Because they have lived at such high altitudes most of their lives, they are the perfect companions for the journey of a lifetime.

The man went on to say that he found the best way to have friendships was to become the person who worked to make things happen. He planned trips for a group of people to participate in adventures. He hosted people in his home for game nights, movie nights, and dinner. He took it upon himself to initiate group activities. Over time the people who were a part of those events became his closest friends.

The lesson is easy to see. If you want strong friendships in the faith, you cannot be passive. There is a responsibility to become a friendship Sherpa and not look for someone you can use as your travel agent.

Sitting at home lamenting that you are lonely is not helping. Someone has to initiate. What if that someone is you?


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