Note to Self

I am a notetaker. 

I have lists on my computer, post-it notes on my desk, and handwritten notebooks full of ideas. 

My mind is usually so packed with information that if I do not write them down, they are quickly forgotten. This is an accurate statement about the small things I need to pick up at Walmart, and it is true of the more essential things I need to remember. Things like Biblical statements, theological thoughts, and religious concepts easily escape my mind if I do not write them down and review them regularly.

Here are the four notes that I keep with me every day.

  1. I am loved by God. 
  2. I am forgiven in Jesus.
  3. I am not alone in this world.
  4. I serve a purpose in the kingdom of God.

These things sound so simple, but whenever I forget these truths, then nothing else makes sense.

I think this is true for most people, so be sure to put them somewhere you will not forget them too.


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