Whenever you notice something positive that someone does, take the time to recognize it.

Suppose your spouse lies their phone down and engages you in a conversation that fills your soul. Be sure to specifically tell them how meaningful that was to you. If a coworker goes above and beyond the call of duty and helps you with a task, take the time to write a note telling them how much you appreciate their work. If your parent buys you a meaningful gift, offer a heartfelt thank you. When a friend adjusts their plans to be involved in your activity and makes you feel special, let them know how much that means to you.

That which gets recognized gets repeated.

Often it is easier to focus on the negative and see the glass as half empty. These people could have done more or better. Rather than noticing all the places where someone let you down, find the one place where they connected with your soul.

Reinforce joy-producing events by recognizing that they happened. This is a big step toward making them occur repeatedly.


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