What You Believe About Yourself

One of the primary things I tell people is that their life has infinite value and worth in God’s eyes. This is because they were created in God’s image; he formed them in their mother’s womb, sent his son to redeem them, loves them, and is working to bring about the best outcome for their life.

There are numerous reasons I tell people this concept repeatedly.

Some people come from a bad home life where they were told or at least made to feel as if their life had no value. Also, as people grow up, they make mistakes, and it is easy to feel their life lost value from their actions. Still, others do not fit a cultural mold of how they should look or behave, and self-worth plummets. Finally, as people become more isolated, their feelings of inadequacy increase, and their self-image declines. 

One lesson I am learning over the past few years is that it is not only essential for people to understand Godly self-worth for their own sake, but it is also necessary for their relationships. What they believe about themselves impacts every person to whom they are connected. Their self-image affects their relationship with their spouse and children more than they understand. How they relate to their parents, siblings, and coworkers is directly connected to how they view themselves. 

The Christian faith keeps people rooted in the reality that they are God’s children. He created and loves them, and nothing in this world can change that truth, despite their momentary feelings.

You and I both need to have our worth connected to God for our own sake and for the sake of the people we love. 


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