The Third Space

Psychologists explain that each person has three primary spaces of their life.

First is their family and home life.

Second is their work life.

Then there is a third space.

This is how we spend time when we are not sleeping, working, or with our family. Numerous things can fill this last space. It can be our hobbies that we enjoy, a civic group in which we are involved, or the local Church. We can spend our time alone reading, at a bar with a group of strangers, or enjoying the company of friends. 

Here is the interesting thing, whatever fills your third space will impact how you handle the other two places.

Take careful notice of what fills your free time. It is either making your life better or worse in other significant areas. Sure, you can find a new career and even make a family with someone else, but the easiest way to improve your life is to change your third space. 


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