What Do You Want From Church?

Everyone wants something different when they attend a gathering of Christians.

Some people want to be taught. They want quality preaching and teaching with depth. They want classes that explain the Bible. Offer anything where scripture is taught, and they will be present.

Other people are looking for community. They want small groups where people are allowed to talk. Pot-luck meals, retreats, fellowship time, and conversation will make these people happy.

Still, other people are seeking quality worship. They want to feel the music wash over their soul with quality musicians, vocals, and arrangements each week. A night of hymns, praise, and choruses will fill their souls like nothing else.

And there are still others seeking child development or help with their parenting. Some want ministry for Jr. High students or their teenagers. Another group is looking for a place to serve. Maybe they even have a particular ministry in mind. Others think the Church should offer men’s or women’s groups. Finally, some want the Church to be all about prayer or missions or discipleship.

The list could go on and on.

Ask yourself what you want your Church to be and do.

And that is why it is challenging to be a Church leader.

It is impossible to make everyone happy. Therefore, a leader can only strive to serve God to the best of their ability, with the gifts God has given them, and pray that some people are blessed along the way.


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