Giving 110%

The man in the commercial said, “I always give my clients 110%.”

His expression is a figure of speech called an idiom. Coaches or bosses most frequently use it to inspire people to give their very best toward a goal. They want to see people giving more than they thought possible to achieve the desired outcome.

Honestly, I do not doubt the man works hard, but I hope he is not giving 110% to his career. I hope he is using some energy to build relationships with people. He needs to be investing time in his family and friends. Relationships are far more important. 

I especially hope he is investing in his spiritual life. At the end of his life, it will not matter how successful he was in his business or how much money he made. Jesus asked, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?” 

Nothing in this life deserves 110% effort. 

It is a good thing to work hard. But save your greatest effort for loving God and loving people. Those are genuinely worth your time and energy. 


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