It is defined as the ability to adjust to new conditions.

This is the single most significant trait that Christians need to develop.

Churches and their leaders need it in their methodology. When things like Covid hit, they need the ability to change what they are doing and embrace new possibilities. The conditions in which they do ministry are ever-changing, and they need to be able to adjust their ministry.

Christians need this in their life as well. Life is constantly changing. The season of children’s development, family and work issues, health problems, and the number of activities is never constant. To develop a deep spiritual life, they must continually adapt how, when, and where they connect with God. Some seasons may allow for extended periods of quiet time with God, while others may consist of ten minutes here and there.

When someone sets out on their journey with God, it is easy to envision a consistent and routine life. Unfortunately, it seldom works that way. The key is adaptability; those who lack it die when the tides change.


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