Piles of Junk

My wife and I have spent the last few years trying to rid ourselves of the junk that clutters our house. This project started when my youngest boy went off to college. At about that same time, my older boys moved out on their own after college, and one even bought a house.

That set-in motion this project to get rid of all the stuff we collected over their lives. Each of them has tubs of school memorabilia. Posters, pictures, and trophies easily fill up several tubs. Through the years, the school encouraged them to buy more and more items with the year printed on them. And now, none of them want any of it. 

Then there are all the remnants of childhood. Toys that once seemed so important now collect dust. Possessions once viewed as a prize are now worthless trinkets that fill more tubs. And again, the boys do not want to take any junk out of my house.

To make matters worth it, almost all of it is worthless. They all have personal elements. Names, years, and photos attached make them have little value to anyone else. A few items could go online to sell, but I might make only a few dollars for the effort.

Most of the stuff that my money went toward is now dusty, trash, and random junk. 

It is the Christmas season, and there will be a lot of pressure on you to buy more stuff for your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and the neighbor child. My suggestion is that you invest in things that will last. Three things are worth your money. One is giving to the needs of others. Find a way to bless the life of someone who truly needs help. The second is to give to the work of the kingdom of God. Find a missionary or support some ministry that is making a difference for Jesus. The third is to invest in experiences. Do something together with your family before you buy an item. 

You will spend your hard-earned money this holiday season, so be sure you are investing in good things and not just collecting more piles of junk.  


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