The More You Care

There is this fascinating dynamic that happens between people. The more one person cares about another; the more power one has over the other’s life. Affection and admiration mean that one person’s words and actions can help or hurt to a different degree.

Think about a time that someone you admire said something that touched you. You had put them on a pedestal, and unexpectedly they saw your potential and stated it to you. They praised you and your work. Suddenly your world felt bigger, and you saw an unlimited ability within yourself to achieve more than you initially thought possible.

Then flip that over and think about a time that someone you admired said something that disappointed you. You considered their thoughts insightful, and they looked at your work and said something disparaging. You were crushed in your spirit and had to rethink everything you were doing.

The more we care about someone, the more their words and actions mean to us. It doesn’t matter how they feel about us. What is important is how we feel about them.

All that to say, there is great power in relationships. Parents, grandparents, siblings, children, and friends have unlimited power in the lives of those around them. Because of the child’s love for them, mom and dad’s words to their children will shape their world. A great friend offering encouragement is like a light in the darkness. A word spoken to someone who loves you can bring joy or pain to that person. 

You have more power than you realize over the people with whom you have relationships. So be sure to use your power for good this holiday season.    


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