Committing to Jesus Again

Through the years, I have noticed that people primarily come to follow Jesus in one of three ways. First, they make an intellectual decision based on facts and explanations. Second, they make an emotional decision based on their feelings. Third, they make a relationship decision based on their desire to live in a right relationship with God.

These decisions can happen at any time. I have known people to get caught up in the emotions around the fire at a camp, and others have felt it during Sunday morning worship. Still, others have been reading a book in a dorm room when they discovered the truth of scripture and gave their life to Jesus, while others have been sitting in a Bible study. 

What I have discovered is that no matter how and when you come to follow Jesus, you eventually need to make all three of these decisions to be a mature believer.

Each one of us needs to surrender our minds to Jesus. We need to give him the lead in our intellect and knowledge. Each one of us also needs to submit our emotions to him. We need to feel the weight of our sin and the depth of his love. This will allow us to be emotionally connected to God. Finally, we must realize that living for Jesus is about a relationship with God. It was not a one-time choice, and we are done with him. It is a lifetime of growing, connecting, and maturing in our faith. We need to understand, feel, and live for Jesus to reach God’s will for our lives.

So, what type of decision have you made for the Lord? Perhaps it is time to surrender more of your life to him. If you have not given him control of your head, heart, and hands, then something is lacking in your faith, and it might be time to commit to Jesus again. 


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