Start Somewhere

It was my second year of full-time ministry, and I had decided to launch a monthly printed newsletter for our Church (it was 1996). Two other local preachers named Jeff and John, along with me, made it our goal to launch something that year for our perspective Churches, and then we would try to help each other improve what we were doing. 

I sat down with my pencil and paper and began drafting ideas. I made detailed plans for each section, developed a format, selected a name, and debated the graphics I would use.

The next time I saw these two men, John had his first issue created, printed, and mailed. He had gotten the first one done in record time while I was still in the planning phase.

He handed each of us a copy, and on each page was some error that required adjustment before the next issue went to print. Jeff and I walked through every page with a red pen and showed him all his mistakes and things to consider. John looked at me and said a line I will never forget, “You can’t improve on nothing.” He continued in his thick southern accent, “You have got to start somewhere, and you can improve from there.”

While I was working to develop a perfect newsletter, he was already getting material out to the public. From there, people gave him feedback, and within a couple of months, he had a nice-looking publication. He moved quickly and made adjustments while I was still working on finishing the first one.

Sometimes the best place to start a project is somewhere. Anywhere. From there, you will have the chance to make changes and create a higher-quality product. Remember, you can’t improve on nothing.  


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