The Way to Spell Love

Today is Valentine’s Day, the day we typically celebrate romantic love. Many people will buy chocolates, flowers, or a nice piece of jewelry, while others will go for a fancy dinner. Gifts and cards will be given, and romance will fill the air.

I suggest that you give the greatest gift in the world – TIME.

A few years ago, I noticed a shift in the people I was leading. In my experience, people used to value money highly. They would come to the Church and spend hours working and working to save the Church money. They would also scrimp and save, using every means to build their personal bank account. Money was kept with a tight fist.

Then this shift happened, and time became more valuable. They started having kids’ events every evening, and there were places to go and things to do. Suddenly people were hurrying through life, had a packed schedule, and responded to “How are you doing?” with the single word “busy.” People no longer gave large blocks of time to the Church but started giving more money so the Church could pay someone to do projects.

Not only that, but now people have phones in their pockets all the time. Messages and phone calls roll in constantly, giving people less downtime. When they get a break, they grab their phone and fill it with something from recreation to more work.

That person you love and who cares for you in return finds that time with you is more precious than ever. Unfortunately, giving them a few minutes of undivided attention is rare. So I believe the greatest gift you can give is TIME. Not just hours and minutes, but give them your undivided attention. Put the phone down, shut the TV off, and maybe get the kids a babysitter.

It has been said that love is spelled T-I-M-E, which may be the best gift anyone can give.


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