Where Did You Get That Idea?

Every one of us has a multitude of ideas moving around in our brains. They cover every topic under the sun, from work to recreation to Church to God. 

One crucial question to continually ask yourself is simply, “Where did I get that idea?”

Are your thoughts on a subject derived from your parents? Did you learn this from a friend? Perhaps you had some classes in college that influenced your thinking. Maybe you watched something on TV or read it in a book. Was your information gathered from social media, podcasts, or talk radio?

None of those places are inherently wrong, but if you follow Jesus, you need to ask what the Bible teaches. Did Jesus address it during his ministry? Are the issues discussed in the New Testament? Was there someplace in the Old Testament that shines a light on our thinking?

Numerous ideas are moving around in our brains; not all are equal in value. One challenging part of living for Jesus is pushing back years of teaching and replacing it with God’s truth. But it is only in knowing the truth that we will truly be set free.   


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