Valuable Versus Useful

Recently I heard a preacher say that Christians need to be clear on these two words.

First, God finds all of us valuable. Each human life has infinite value and worth. We are created in God’s image, and Jesus died on the cross to bring us back into a right relationship with him. Therefore, you are valuable to God.

Second, being useful is something different. When someone is useful, they are able to complete the work assigned to them. They serve, give, and love in the name of Jesus and further the work of the Kingdom of God.

Every life has value, but God also needs useful people to do his work.

Ask yourself, “Am I useful to God?” Is the world becoming more like the kingdom of God because of you?

To answer that question, look at the fruit of your life and labor. A good tree bears good fruit, and valuable people are like apple trees in October.


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