True Worship

Last week I attended a conference at my alma mater. The emphasis of the week was the unsung heroes in the Bible. Some Bible characters are mentioned in passing, yet they impact the overall narrative of the scriptures. 

Each session started with 2-3 worship songs led by a band from the college. A few songs were unfamiliar, but the students were singing loudly, and I found it uplifting every time I could hear hundreds of voices singing their praise to God. 

I sat in the back of the auditorium for one session to get a view of the entire building. That is when I noticed the guy running the lights in the sound booth. He was unlike anyone I had ever witnessed serving in the media center during a worship program. He stood up and sang along, often raising his hands and moving with the music. At times he appeared to be shouting out the lyrics from the very back of the auditorium. He was pouring his heart into worship, and only a few people in the back row, like me, even saw him.

This incident reminded me that true worship is not something we do for others to see; it is the unseen act of praising God while no one else is watching. It is not reserved for Church and conference gatherings. It can be done anytime and anywhere you feel the urge to do it. Don’t wait for Sunday morning or to be in the presence of others to worship. God sees your heart whenever and wherever you lift your voice to him. 


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