Using Your Story

Your journey of faith has value to other people. 

Often we are embarrassed by the twists and turns on our walk with God. There were times we turned our backs and seasons of poor choices where we felt more like a prodigal than a prodigy. We went through periods where our faith was small, and our thoughts about God were infrequent. There are multiple days we would like to hide in the past and never speak about again.

Those experiences of failures, along with your successes, are what made you the person we see today. When you share those parts of your story, you will find it helps others on their journey. Sometimes it warns about wrongful thinking and how it can hurt us. Other times it will encourage people who are also struggling on their journey. Still, other tales will inspire, challenge and help people as they live their faith. 

Your story is powerful, even with all its bumps and bruises. Scratch that, especially because of its bumps and bruises. 


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